Meet your Instructor, Christina Nadeau

Christina Nadeau is a holistic massage therapist, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher. I have dedicated my life to helping you find peace. My passion began when I felt ill-equipped in handling the balance of work and home life.

She has been published about massage therapy and meditation for articles in the Outer Banks Milepost and

I would start everyday full steam ahead and by the end of my work day I would find myself completely drained. Luckily a colleague came to the aid of my distress and recommended meditation. I had never heard of it or even experienced it before. I started meditating with guided meditations from YouTube. For the very first time, I felt the weight of the stress lift off my body. I was hooked.

I started studying and became passionate about meditation. My work and home life changed dramatically. I didn't have any emotional out bursts and I felt like I was on an even keel. My past lack of knowledge about meditation drove me to share this with the world. I became certified as a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher at Mclean Meditation Institute in Sedona, AZ. I learned many forms of meditation including the SEED™ Method. I want people to know how simple meditation can be and how just a few minutes a day can significantly help you. My goals are ever changing but what is a staple in my life is meditation because it centers me to achieve whatever lies ahead. I hope to share my passion about meditating and how it can integrate into your life too!