What is Meditation?

Meditation refers to the many modern and ancient techniques and practices that can settle the nervous system and train the brain to be more focused, engaged, and less reactive. It's a practice of joining your awareness to everything in your life. Meditation also alters the structure of your brain, also know as neuroplasticity.


Meditation Trains your Attention

Meditation trains your attention to focus gently on something or a sensation. As you practice, both your breath and body will gradually settle down and the mind will eventually become quieter and quieter.

Myth: A clear mind is necessary in order to meditate

The mind's job is to think. Meditation isn't for stopping that process, its for interrupting thought streams for moments to encourage mental silence

Myth: Meditation takes too long

You can meditate as little as 5 minutes and still receive benefits

Myth: Meditation is difficult to do

It's easy and does't require a special form of concentration

Myth: Meditation requires you to follow a religion

Meditation is about training your brain, you don't have to believe in anything except yourself. Meditation is your birth right, everyone should know how to do it!